Introducing Koppers


Take the Easy Climb

Easy To Climb. Easy to Like.

Koppers DuraClimb poles offer all the advantages of traditional oil emulsion treated poles with the proven durability and affordability found in CCA-treated poles. Created in tandem with Koppers own industry-leading chemical R&D group, DuraClimb poles are an excellent choice for utilities looking for a substitute to penta-treated poles. Strong, easy-to-climb and backed by years of proven in-service performance, DuraClimb poles are the preferred choice of both linemen and engineers. Take the first step and contact your Koppers Utility & Industrial Products sales representative today for more information.

A Lineman’s Favorite: 25% Easier to Climb vs. Penta-Treated Poles

DuraClimb poles exhibit excellent climbing characteristics, especially when compared to other oil-emulsion treatments like penta. The reason? DuraClimb’s softer exterior pole surface makes it easier for a lineman’s gaffe to penetrate the pole surface.

Odorless and Better for the Environment

Unlike other oil-borne treated poles which can carry a distinct odor, DuraClimb poles are odor-free. Additionally, because DuraClimb poles are manufactured using a water-based treatment process, the chemical molecules adhere to the wood cells. This reduces the chances of chemical leeching and helps eliminate worries over potential groundline contamination while also improving the pole’s overall resistance to fungi and insects.

Easy on the Eyes

Utilizing Koppers Microshades™ pigment technology, DuraClimb poles are available in both a clear and brown formulation. The latter produces a pole color look similar in appearance to traditional penta-treated poles.

Easy on the Budget & Easy to Keep in Stock

Manufactured using a water-based chemical, DuraClimb poles are less prone to pricing changes common to oil-based pole treatments. The result; an affordable pole that stays within budget, year after year. And because Koppers manufacturers its own chemical, there’s no worry about potential supply issues impacting pole availability.

Easy to Count on Year After Year

With a track record of proven in-field performance, each DuraClimb pole comes backed by Koppers exclusive 50-year limited product warranty.